Welcome to the Krause and de Kloet laboratory of integrative systems neuroscience

Our research program examines neural circuits that promote susceptibility or resiliency to psychological and physiological stress. The goal of our work is to understand stress-related pathologies and develop strategies to treat and prevent affective disorders, hypertension, obesity, and cardiometabolic disease.

Our Research Approach

Krause-de Kloet Research Group

Integrated Systems Approach

The Krause-de Kloet laboratories serve as a platform that sheds light on health-related problems by conducting preclinical research that incorporates a systems-level approach.

Eric Krause and Annette de Kloet Lab

Meet the Researchers

Annette D De Kloet
Department: Department of Physiology and Aging

Annette D De Kloet Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

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