Dr. Eric Krause Research Support

R35HL150750-01 Krause (PI) 02/5/2020-01/31/2027
Title: Interrogating stress-relieving neural circuits to alleviate cardiovascular disease.
This project uses genetically modified mice and advanced approaches in neuroscience to discern neural
circuits that relieve the burden of stress on the cardiovascular system.
R01 DA046411 (Bruijnzeel PI; Krause Co-I) 04/01/2019-03/31/2024
Title: Crosstalk between dopamine and glucocorticoids in high levels of nicotine intake
This project uses laboratory rats to examine how stress hormones influence the etiology of nicotine addiction.
R01HL136595-01A1 Krause and Sumners (Multi-PI) 12/1/2017-11/30/2021
Title: Neurons expressing AT2R in the NTS as an access point for cardiovascular control.
This project uses a variety of mouse models to test the overall hypothesis that AT2 receptor expressing neurons
in the nucleus of the solitary tract can be manipulated to correct blood pressure and baroreflex sensitivity
subsequent to the onset of hypertension.
R01HL145028 (de Kloet PI, Krause Co-I) 12/1/2018-11/30/2023
Title: Interrogating distinct angiotensin type-1 and type-2 receptor containing brain circuits to understand and
alleviate hypertension.
This project used genetically modified mice to determine whether neurons that express angiotensin type 1 or
type 2 receptors contribute to the etiology or reversal of hypertension.
R01AG064942 (Golde, Bizon MPI; Krause Co-I) 08/15/2019-04/30/2024
Title: Immunotherapy targeting the HPA Axis in Alzheimer’s Disease.
R01HL152101-01A1 (Reznikov PI, Krause Co-I) 12/1/2020-11/20/2025
Title: Central Nervous System Plasticity in Airway Disease