Dr. Eric Krause Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
2016-2018,2020-2021 PHA5878C Pt Care 3: Cv and Pulm
2012,2014-2021 PHA7980 Research for Doctoral Dissertation
2012-2021 PHA7979 Advanced Research
2012,2014-2020,2020-2021 PHA6521C Research Techniques in Pharmacodynamics
2012-2021 PHA6512L Experiential Research Training in Pharmacodynamics
2011-2013,2015-2021,2020-2021 PHA6936 Advanced Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences
2019-2020 PHA6935 Selected Topics in Pharmacy
2012,2020 PHA6971 Research for Master’s Thesis
2012,2015-2020,2020 PHA6910 Supervised Research
2015-2018 PHA5560 Pathphys-Pt Assess I
2018 PHA5784C Pt Care 4: GI and Renal
2012-2013,2016 PHA5902 Research Pharmacodyna
2016 PHA4911 Undergraduate Research in Pharmacodynamics
2015 GMS7794 Neuroscience Seminar
2012-2015 PHA5561C Physiol Bas Disease 2
2013-2015 PHA6509 Systems Physiology and Pathophysiology II
2014 PHA5560C Physiol Bas Disease 1
2011,2013-2014 PHA7939 Journal Colloquy in Pharmacodynamics
2014 PHA6508 Systems Physiology and Pathophysiology I
2014 PHA6938 Research Seminar